How to be a good investment Banker?

If you wish to earn money from the money, then investment banking may be the right career choice for you. Investment banking is among the most finest and welcoming opportunities for fresh graduates. Investment bankers are very important for structuring various financial deals, relating towards the economy. These highly-skilled professionals impart their advice and tips to companies regarding shares.

Also, he advises clients on divergent options like mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, etc. Overall, investment banking may be the specialized branch of banking, that is restricted to the financial market and it is worried about an investment.

Salary structure

With an average, a fresher within this sector can get to earn Rs 20 lakh/annum. Furthermore, there’s no upper-limit around the salary package. This can be a highly lucrative job option as you become an opportunity to travel around the world also. Professionals, with more than 5-6 years experience, may also draw Rs 1 crore.

Requisite traits

1= Excellent communication skills
2= Analytic skills
3= Will be able to handle complex situations
4= Technical understanding

Education needed for this sort of banking job

You don’t need to be considered a commerce student to be able to develop a career within this domain, but it’s essential to have competency in maths and financial aspects. A bachelor’s degree running a business administration may be the fundamental requirement to go in the area.

In addition, you need to complete the internship before clearing your graduation because this occupation requires a knack of knowledge of banking & finance. Through various internship programs, students will receive a better concept of seo. Also, the internship would assist you in getting a great investment banker job following the graduation. Apply for the Master of business administration in finance to be able to accentuate your understanding and skills.