Budget Backup Solutions: Financial Sources When Cash is Tight

Having a budget certainly makes life easier. It gives an account for every bill and expense you have to ensure that you’re utilizing your income to the max. As great as it can be to have a budget, however, there’s the occasional oversight or unforeseen circumstance that can leave you hemmed up. When something comes up that’s not in the budget, where can you turn to resolve the matter? Here are a few options

Your Emergency Savings

Hopefully, have a savings account where you’ve been keeping additional funds for a rainy day. This account would be beneficial for covering those unforeseen circumstances that need to be handled right away like a car or home repair. It can also be used to supplement income should you get sick, injured, or lose your job. If you don’t have an account like this, it would be wise to start one. Set aside a few extra bucks each week and don’t touch it unless there’s an emergency.

Short-Term Loans

If you don’t have an emergency savings, or it isn’t quite enough for you to cover your financial issue then there’s always the option to take out oa short-term loan. You can fill out an application for unsecured loans online and receive a decision in minutes. If approved, you could have funds in your account within one business day with the flexibility to repay the loan in small monthly installments.

Your Old Stuff

There’s money to be made in those things around your house that you don’t use anymore. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got an old car, old jewelry, gaming consoles, smartphones, clothes, or shoes, you can sell them and make a decent profit. You can take it to a pawn shop, a special buyer, sell things online, or have a yard sale and offer your things to the highest bidder.

Personal Talents

You might think you’re incapable of doing more than just holding down your day job, but the truth is, you have a lot of talents and skills that could be turned into cash. You can help someone with their taxes, write resumes, watch children after school, make and sell crafts, or simply answer surveys and test products in your spare time. Just make sure you put the money into an account instead of spending it. The cash can come in handy when your regular budget is stretched thin.

Friends and Family

When you’re really down and out your friends and family are always around to lend a helping hand. Asking them as soon as you need help, and making sure that you’re able to repay them timely are important. As they likely have bills, savings, and financial goals of their own, you don’t want to mess them up by being late or ruin your relationship.

The number one rule to financial management is to have an efficient budget. One that helps you get the most from your income. Yet, even the most organized and efficient budgets don’t cover everything. Sometimes things pop up large and small that are overlooked or unexpected. The above-mentioned budget backup solutions, will ensure you can handle things without the stress.