What Are Your Feline Friend’s Health Needs?

Cats are finicky and with good reason. They are careful about what they eat and their lifestyle choices. We all should learn from their example. If you are a cat owner, you should also be finicky about your cat’s health cover. Insure your cat’s health so you can enjoy a long bond with your feline friend.

Why Major Medical Is the Best Plan

That means choosing a cat insurance policy that offers full cat care and exams. By taking this step, you can feel more at ease when you see the vet. A major medical plan will help you cover the expense for routine care and take care of any costs involving surgery. Plans of this type even include overseas pet travel insurance and emergency boarding fees in their policies. If your cat needs to undergo surgery and is laid up for more than five days, the insurance will cover up to $20 per day worth of costs.

In fact, if your cat has several surgeries, boarding is covered up to $1,200 per year if you choose major medical cover. That is a significant savings and financial relief to you. You also have to consider the waiting periods, or when the insurance kicks in for certain ailments or conditions. You usually have to wait 30 days for illnesses. This is normally the standard waiting time.

The More Comprehensive the Better

The more comprehensive the plan, the better, whether you have a cat or dog. For example, if your cat suffers from a congenital condition, you are covered. You are also covered for illnesses such as cancer, skin allergies, ear or eye conditions, or gastrointestinal distress.

Make Sure Your Policy Includes Routine Care

As you can see, this type of plan can go a long way in helping your cat recover from an accident or medical condition. You just need to review the cover yourself online. Review all the parts of the plan that are pertinent to your pet. To make sure your cat stays healthy, it is imperative that you schedule annual exams. These tests are covered if you choose a major medical plan.

Selecting an Insurance Provider

You want the best for your feline friend so it pays to be finicky about your insurance carrier. Choose a company that understands your cat’s special healthcare needs and offers a full line of amenities in its policy. This is one way that you can ensure that you are getting the best value for your money. Whether you need to cover an accidental injury or a congenital illness, you will not have to worry about paying for your cat’s care. Insurance plans even cover after-hours emergency visits, specialist care, and lab and diagnostic tests.

Some of the Items Covered

Does your cat need to be x-rayed? If so, insurance cover will cover the costs up to 80%. It will also take care of expenses involving hospitalisation. Prescription medicines are covered as well as a variety of surgeries. Keep your cat purring with happiness by ensuring that he or she is protected and safe. Review the various policies today.