Understanding How to Buy Bitcoin Easily and Quickly

In case, you have been searching for ways to learn about bitcoin, your best bet would be to buy bitcoin and see how they actually work. Regardless the hype created for it being difficult and dangerous, purchasing bitcoins has been made relatively easier. It has been made much safer than you actually think. It would be pertinent to mention here that purchasing bitcoins has been much easier than actually opening an account in any traditional bank. You would be required to learn several things. It would be inclusive of acquiring and using software wallet, learn to receive and send money, knowledge on buying bitcoin from an exchange of a person.


Prior to getting started, you would require getting yourself a bitcoin wallet. You could do it relatively easier by registering with a chosen exchange. It would host your wallet. Even though, you would be looking forward to having one or more exchange wallet eventually, it would be imperative that you initiate with the one on your computer. In this manner, you would have a better feel for bitcoin. You would be required to move your coins and money from the exchange in order to keep it safe.

Understanding the wallet

The wallet would be used to store your bitcoins. It is software specifically designed to store your bitcoins. The wallet could be run on your computer, mobile and laptop. It could be used for storing bitcoins on thumb drives. In case, you have been concerned about your wallet being hacked, storing bitcoins on thumb drives would be a good option. Several people who had invested a significant amount of money in bitcoins prefer storing their money on hard drives and then put into safety deposit box.

Understanding the need for bitcoin wallet on your computer

Prior to downloading the original bitcoin wallet in Mac or Windows format, you need to understand the following. These should not be considered as mere wallets, but an integral aspect of bitcoin network. They would send, receive and store your bitcoins. You could create a single or more addresses with a simple click. You would come across a field for copying and pasting a number from a person whom you wish to send money to. It would go directly into the wallet of the person. You could also create a unique QR code to let someone click a picture with their Smartphone application in order to send you desired bitcoins. It has been deemed perfectly safe to send and receive bitcoins using the QR code method.

Buying bitcoin instantly online

The quickest and easiest mode of buying bitcoins would be by using your debit or credit card through Indacoin. The website would offer you with desired bitcoins in less than ten minutes. When you prove to be a reliable customer, you could buy more bitcoins from the website. However, you should be aware of that purchasing bitcoins instantly using your credit or debit card may usually result in incurring higher fee. There would be higher processing fee, transaction fee and higher risk of fraud involved.

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