Narrowing Down the Best Two Wheeler Insurance from ICICI Lombard

If you are looking for a good two wheeler insurance, you may consider getting your cover from ICICI Lombard. ICICI Lombard is one of the most trusted names in the Indian insurance industry. Their bike insurance plans are modern, effective and affordably priced. If you are looking for some more information on these plans, read this article. Here are the best two wheeler insurance plans from ICICI Lombard that you can buy online. Take a look.

How Two Wheeler Insurance from ICICI Lombard Compares with Similar Plans of Other Companies

If you compare the two wheeler plans from ICICI Lombard with similar plans from other insurers, you will see how the features of the ICICI Lombard plans stand out. Some of the best features include:

  • Large network of cashless garages: When you buy a bike insurance plan from ICICI Lombard, you get associated with one of the largest cashless garage networks. You, therefore, can undoubtedly find a garage near you if your bike suddenly breaks down, meets with an accident or needs general repairs, anytime anywhere.
  • Many discounts available: ICICI Lombard is one of the most bankable general insurance providers in India. As a result, the insurer never looks back to helpyou. Rather, it offers many discounts so that you can get the best value on your bike cover. Apart from the no claim bonus, you can also avail of a 5% discount if you are a member of a recognised automobile association. Then, you get a discount of about 2.5% if you install certain safety gadgets in your bike or scooter. These discounts prove to be very healthy and significantly bring down your two wheeler insurance costs.

  • Personal accident cover: When you buy an ICICI Lombard two wheeler insurance plan, you also get a personal accident cover. With this cover, you stay protected from accidents. Incase of youraccidental death or total permanent or partial disability the auto insurance provider pays the sum insured.

Choosing the correct type of bike cover

While the insurance covers available under the ICICI Lombard two wheeler insurance plans are very effective, you have to choose the correct type of cover to get the maximum value from your bike insurance policy. Did you know that two wheeler insurance is available in two forms? They are:

  1. Third party bike insurance plan: A third party bike insurance plan, as the name suggests, is a plan that covers all third party liabilities. If a third party or a third party’s property is damaged in an accident that involves your bike, your insurance provider will compensate the third party on your behalf. The insurance provider will also cover your legal costs if a third party sues you after the accident. There, however, is no cover available for your own vehicle under a third party bike insurance plan.
  2. Comprehensive bike insurance plan: If you want all the facilities of a third party cover along withcover for yourself andyour bike, go for a comprehensive bike insurance plan. A comprehensive cover, as you may have already guessed, gives you the advantages of the third party cover while also protecting your own bike. It is slightly more expensive than a third party cover, but you get great value for the money you spend.

Analyse your own requirements and see if you would benefit from a third party cover or a comprehensive bike insurance plan. ICICI Lombard has both the types of covers available. So, make your choice wisely to get the most suitable two wheeler insurance cover for yourself.

In conclusion

Now that you know all about the plan features and benefits, you can buy two wheeler insurance from ICICI Lombard online. Read through the policy wordings and choose the best possible insurance cover for your precious two-wheeler. A bike is often more than just a vehicle – it is a prized possession that you own with pride. It not only ferries you from one point to the other, but it also boosts your personality. It is therefore quite obvious that you want to keep your bike safe and secured at all times. Get a good bike insurance plan from ICICI Lombard to cover your bike in the best possible manner.